Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Telematics can give transportation and logistics (T&L) providers a competitive edge by increasing efficiency and reducing costs — which is especially critical in the face of volatile diesel fuel prices that threaten profitability.

However, until now, Telematics solutions have only been available as proprietary ‘point-style’ applications, presenting control, manageability and flexibility issues. To address these concerns, NEXT brings new value and versatility to Telematics applications with the introduction of the AutoCare-TnL, an open and expandable Telematics solution platform that supports Telematics, voice and data communications, GPS, fleet management applications and more, in a single, all-in-one in-cab device.

The problems of T & L Operators

The NEXT Solution Delivery – Transport Management System

NEXT constructs solutions for its customers based on its products, professional services and practices. The latest products have been designed with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the transport industry by NEXT’s A-Lab transport and logistics professionals.

NEXT's solutions are suitable for most types of transport operation, incorporating vehicles ranging from cars and vans through to HGVs in any size of fleet. NEXT’s solutions provide a unique integrated Planning, Scheduling and Execution Management system that enables In-Force Transport Management.

NEXT is partnering with Microsoft, iWow, SIMCOM and Enfora in the development of its latest products, utilizing state of the art architecture, tools and delivery methodology. Through these we have developed a suite of products that benefit from both the latest technology and from NEXT’s first-hand knowledge of the transport and logistics industry.

You can take advantage of NEXT’s experience through our professional service products that include training, design, software customization, systems integration, change management and project management. These products are designed by professionals with years experience of managing transport operations and implementing NEXT’s In-Force Transport Management solutions.