Traffic Infringement Ticketing System

Traffic Infringement Ticketing System

Traffic Infringement Ticketing System (TRAITS) is an integrated ticket management system for the traffic department to control and monitor traffic offences. TRAITS includes custom built application on following Platforms:


NEXT Moveo

Mobility Platform to enable its users a flexible, efficient, easy to access to record events and issue tickets as proof of incident. It helps to create tickets in quick steps capturing all the details pertaining to the vehicle, Driver and the type of incident. It creates proof of incident by allowing the user to take photos, capturing signatures and the GPS location. It is designed to adapt any system environment, platform independent, high level of scalability. Salient Features of the TRAITS :

Our GIS based solution accurately provides well locations along with Well Tops and Reservoir Zones . Spatial Analysis includes Density Mapping & Neighborhood Analysis between each well locations, production platforms, pumping stations, disposal points and other infrastructure.

The Field Area is Surveyed & Mapped accurately for easy retrieval of geospatial information and enabling time to time report generation for the regulatory authorities.

  • Fingerprint Scanner for Multilevel User Authentication
  • GPS Based Location Identification & Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning for Driver License
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) for Vehicle Number Extraction
  • Quick Offence List for Easy Ticketing
  • Signature Capturing for Identity Proof
  • Digital Photos for Identity / Incident Proof
  • QR Code Generation to prevent information loss


Web rich Platform for Device Management, Resource Allocation & Comprehensive Reporting. Salient Features of the TRAITS :

  • Snapshot Dashboard
  • Detailed Information mining
  • Administration of Devices & Resources


Geospatial platform for location based spatial analysis of traffic violations and mapping accident prone zones. Salient Features of the TRAITS :

  • Location of Traffic Offenses
  • Tracking the Device/Personal Movement
  • Mapping & Spatial Analysis of Various Offenses