Road Information Management System (RIMS)

Road Information Management System (RIMS)

Roads are the main mode of transportation in the country and takes up more than 80% of the country’s freight and passenger demand. Economic performance and effective social service delivery is unattainable without efficient mobility provided by improved road network.

GIS enabled Real-time Monitoring of this vital infrastructural resource is important for better understanding the present state and act as an indicator for future optimized planning.

NEXT has developed a GIS empowered, robust and a user friendly solution for the government department to ascertain existing road conditions and ease out new road planning, monitor road construction progress and necessitate authenticated payments for the road constructions & maintenance.

Highlights of RIMS:

  • Capturing on a near real-time basis the conditions of the existing roads and its assets
  • Ascertaining road conditions without human intervention
  • Identifying severity, intensity or dimensions of a pothole or a damaged road segment
  • Facilitates new road planning with various Spatial data such as terrain conditions, weather, soil, hydrogeology and environment impact assessments
  • Gauge the quality of new road construction by the contractor
  • Validates the work of the contractor before releasing payments
  • Monitors the progress of a road project