Renewable Energy Utility Mapping System

Renewable Energy Utility Mapping System

Renewable energy utility mapping systemis a part of Smart Community Development which is used to map and monitor the Solar Street Lamps. NEXT has installed more than a Lakh Solar Street Lamps across the South Pacific region with a centralized System for data capturing, monitoring and controlling the Infrastructure.

Highlights of the System are:

  • Automated energy efficient Solar Street Lamp Management
  • Integrating Real-time GPS data and Light Statistics over Google Maps
  • Secured Data transmission through GSM and GPRS
  • Database design for capturing climatic data - Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Rainfall and Solar Irradiation
  • Automated Troubleshooting alerts in case of malfunctioning or theft
  • Detailed Report with Statistical & Spatial Analysis

Telematics and SCADA Solutions for Renewable Energy

In order to manage and optimize Renewable Energy remote assets, our AutoTrak-based Telematics-SCADA solution platform provide the ability to manage multiple assets from a centralized location. Based on years of proven experience of remotely managing a fleet of Solar Power Units and Wind Turbines, NEXT – EnForce has developed robust solutions that are scalable and secure to help you optimize asset performance.

Our solutions enable you to get the required information to the right people at the right time for intelligent decision making. In addition to delivering technical acumen, our solutions deliver the information you need for your tactical operations, financial operations, and critical analysis and optimization.

Tactical operations encompass the typical traditional Telematics-SCADA functions: presentation of key parameters, trending of key parameters, alarm and diagnostic information, operations of set points and exception management.

Financial operations enable information integration with financial and billing systems; typical information includes grid delivery, grid quality and non-revenue energy or non-productive asset time. Financial and operational information can be transferred to Finance Management Systems, enabling greater insight on performance.

For analysis and asset optimization, our AutoTrak Telematics-SCADA Intelligence solutions provide advanced multi-variable analysis, long-term multiple asset comparisons and auto-optimization algorithms, in addition to standard interfaces for maintenance packages—providing improved performance visibility.

Solar Power


With the fast-growing demand for wind energy and the increased use of wind turbines in environmentally challenged locations, it is critical to implement solutions that offer reliable and secure monitoring and operating of assets. Our range of solutions meet requirements for the control of wind turbines, including pitch control and operational management, both tower or nacelle based.

Wind power


High accuracy, minimal maintenance and long life expectations are key for solar tracking systems used in both Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) installations. Our AutoTrak-EnMotion motion controller accurately follows the sun solution with no need for re-calibration for both single axis and dual axis systems.

Hydro and Tidal Power


Our experience in marine and offshore applications helps suppliers of hydro generator and tidal & wave installation to deliver reliable automation solutions. Reliability is one of the key factors hence Hydro and Tidal energy equipment turn to NEXT – EnForce for their automation solution.