Industry Vertical – Oil, Gas & Mining

Oil, Gas & Mining

Oil and natural gas touch our lives in countless ways every day. Together, they supply more than 70 percent of our energy. In the quest for Energy security to the nation and to highly reduce import costs many National Oil Companies are actively seeking to identify natural resources in their respective countries and abroad.

Across continents E&P Companies are increasingly finding difficulties in identifying resources and going to many unexplored areas. Industry is stretched to go into new areas like deep waters, shale gas, Coal Bed Methane, Artics etc. All these activities requires lot of effort, huge capital, ever active and continuous deployment of technologies and many new number of tools which provides critical data.

Organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on high-quality, impartial business intelligence and strategic advice to improve their market position.

IT Technology plays more roles in assisting geoscientists, drillers and engineers to enhance value to their organizations. One of the core areas which many oil companies miss out is adapting to latest technologies and has been actively searching for solutions which will help them to convert their data into valuable information.

NEXT has a unique advantage of possessing knowledge of Information Technology and Oil and Natural Gas industry Business and has utilized the experience in delivering critical insights to their clients. In NEXT Center of Excellence (COE) for O&G and Mining, we deliver focused decision support tools and advisory services required by companies to compete in today’s O&G and Mining sectors.

NEXT offers solutions in day to day operational challenges faced by the industry. Our NEXT experts have built up a specific knowledge and expertise on the O&G industry which is an essential key driver for a successful implementation. NEXT has professionals with significant Industry Experience and has a major focus on PNG and have served diverse clients.

1. Data Anywhere and Everywhere


As technology advancement happens, lot of data is generated from various sources and managing the same has become a difficult task. Furthermore, over a period of time, the data generated has to be converted into valuable information.

Our solution: Data_Management
IT and Data Management support which is not a core area of an oil company is often given the least preference even though technology has provided valuable assistance to other domains in realizing potential and enhancing value to their respective organization.

2. Data Volume


Ever growing data has been a challenge too many to handle. The more and more data acquired means more and more information needs to flow out for better and quick decision making.

Our solution: Data and Information Management
NEXT has a team of technical expertise in integrating Industry specific domain knowledge and technology to deliver business critical data management solutions with a perfect blend of IT and Data Management skills. “Right Data at the Right Time to the Right Person” has been the real focus of our solution.

3. Regulatory and Compliance Support Systems


An effective Oil and Natural Gas operation requires ground level understating of local and international regulations and compliances strictly adhering to Production Sharing Contracts (PSC). Clearances required for safe and

Our solution: Regulation impact strategies
Work Programs (MWP) are an ever critical requirement for exploration purposes. NEXT can build custom solutions centering around various licenses with regular and updated reminders to adhere to compliances and deliver upto date dash boards to monitor continuous progress of day to day operations.

4. Disintegrated Systems and Lack of IT Correlation

Multiple applications catering to each and every stage of an O&G business has never seen eye to eye even though and works in silos be it in industry standards, data exchanges and database. Many unstructured data contribute to effectively run the business.

NEXT Digital

Our solution: Integrated Digital_Field ERP
NEXT Digital_Field is a feature-rich, cloud-based Oil and Natural Gas management software platform that allows subsurface, drilling, production, Utilities, LDCs, Storage, Hub, Gathering, and Pipeline Companies to manage the full spectrum of their complex business and ensure regulatory compliance with ease, efficiency and security. The NEXT Digital_Field solution helps energy companies and service providers to contain cost, drive operational efficiencies and achieve greater revenue potential through its configurability and full suite of integrated business processes. Some of NEXT Digital_Field’ features include counter-party, contracts, customer choice, nominations, scheduling, measurement, allocation, trading, billing, and credit and risk management business functions.

5. Spatially enabled decision making

Due to highly complex and a vast industry with multiple fields, operational areas, continuous civil works, land acquisitions, environment clearances, highly insecure and harsh environments, decision makers require an overall view of the entire operational areas to disseminate risks and move ahead. This requires a complete overview of available information for business continuity.


Our Solution: Geographic Information System based Operations/Execution Systems Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric images and its associated technologies.

NEXT has embraced major GIS and remote sensing technologies and utilized their knowledge to deliver highly accurate information to their customer. State of art software, OpenSource, GPS enabled applications, high resolution satellite information, highly skilled and experienced workforce has enabled in delivering successful projects across the world. As been a breakthrough for many years to address large scale information being spatially enabled and provides a quick view of the entire information.

NEXT has partnered with likeminded companies who are specialized in their own domain and brings in valuable resources to deliver mission critical applications.

NEXT is equipped to serve its customers right from design stage to implementation and support.

6. Mineral Exploration and Prospectively Mapping


Mineral exploration is a much more intensive, organized and professional form of mineral prospecting and, though it frequently uses the services of prospecting, the process of mineral exploration on the whole is much more involved.

Our Solution: Mineral Tenement System
Satellite based spectroscopes allow the modern mineral explorationist, in regions devoid of cover and vegetation, to map minerals and alteration directly. Improvements in the resolution of modern commercially based satellites has also improved the utility of satellite imagery; for instance GeoEye satellite images can be generated with a 40 cm pixel size. With NEXT GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities, Mineral Tenement System can provide the needed process oriented and subjective information delivery..

7. Keeping the Employees Happy


Employee management is the most crucial and diverse in Oil, Natural Gas and Mining Industry. Handling the routines to planning the business operation is challenging.

Our Solution: Human Capital Management System
NEXT Human Capital Management System is a web-based software that automates business-critical HR administrative and strategic processes. It is a tool for identifying and recruiting talent, and helps managers to retain, develop and motivate their people. It helps build cohesive teams and aligns them to a single corporate mission.

NEXT Human Capital Management System we offer has significant modules from basic HR Management to advanced Talent Management, Succession Planning, Personnel Information Management System (PIMS), Goal setting, Performance Management, Training Management, e-Recruitment, Leave & Attendance Management, Claims & Reimbursements, Travel Management, Asset Tracking, Payroll, And many more.

8. New delivery via partnerships

O&G problems are varied in nature and requires combination of skills and functional strength to address the problems and provide the solutions. Having all the key critical skills all together for highly demanding O&G industry is infeasible for some of the real-time problems that needs addressing.


Our solutions: JV and collaboration model
NEXT partnering with various oil and gas service companies and in turn help their clients in oil and gas verticals such as software, geospatial Information, data conversion and tape management services, field analysis, geochemical analysis, seismic acquisition, low cost high quality data processing systems , real time data monitoring of wells which in turn helps out to actively reduce HSE Issues, environment impact assessment studies etc.

9. Implement efficiency

An efficient ONG company should look for standardized solutions in domains as finance, human resources, CRM and procurement, adapted to the specific industry environment.

Our solution: ERP solutions
NEXT Papua New Guinea is involved in the implementation of ERP systems for the O&G sector on different levels of administration. We are building further on the standardized solutions; integrating the latest technologies and our multi disciplinary competencies (risk management, tax and legal).