Production Data Management System (PDMS)

Oil, Gas & Mining - Production Data Management System (PDMS)

PRODUCTION DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PDMS) is a full featured oil & gas production data management and reporting solution helping solve the data management challenges faced by oil & gas operators. It is a web GIS based online Reporting System for Oil & Gas based Spatial Database.

The Web GIS allows to display multiple fields across various regions including block boundaries , area size, forest area cover, population density etc. The Spatial database include information on well locations, completion zones, logs, operators, lease names, tests, hydrocarbon shows, samples, cores, geologic formations and tops.

Our GIS based solution accurately provides well locations along with Well Tops and Reservoir Zones . Spatial Analysis includes Density Mapping & Neighborhood Analysis between each well locations, production platforms, pumping stations, disposal points and other infrastructure.

The Field Area is Surveyed & Mapped accurately for easy retrieval of geospatial information and enabling time to time report generation for the regulatory authorities.

The PDMS is built around three modules

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  • the Well Record Tables;
  • the Map Viewer; and
  • the Fields and Production summaries, which summarize oil, gas, and gas storage fields, and historical oil production.