Industry Vertical – Government / Public Sector

Industry Vertical – Government / Public Sector

The Government /Public sector industry is rapidly transforming. Many reforms take place to anticipate on several challenges. At the moment several trends can be detected within the public sector. The origin of these trends can be found in the ongoing introduction of public management methods and tools within the public sector. The government of the future will be an effective, cost-efficient and accountable government that delivers high quality services.

NEXT offers solutions for all government levels faced with the same set of challenges. Our NEXT experts have build up a specific knowledge and expertise on the public sector industry which is an essential key driver for a successful implementation.

1. More attention towards policy preparation and evaluation

If governments want to have major impact, they need to take decisions based on well thought visions. They have to understand the modern day situation, the potential needs and evolutions, the agendas of all relevant stakeholders. Based on scenario building they have to take decisions on pursued strategy, build the platforms to execute and monitor the outcomes and the impact of the government role.

Our solution: Policy preparation and evaluation NEXT has a team of policy advisers experienced in the preparation as well as the evaluation of policies. Our teams are specialized in evaluation methodologies in domains such as health care, home land security and food safety.

2. More regulatory impact in a complex society

An effective government is a good instrument to safeguard the well being in our society. Our complex society needs an intelligent government who supports opportunities for further growth towards a harmonious organization and an effective and safe society. Regulatory issues should have a positive impact on these ambitions.

Our solution: Regulation impact strategies NEXT has a team of talented individuals who are able to help you find effective and efficient solutions that is adaptive for a complex, flexible and dynamic society.

3. New delivery via partnerships

The sheer volume of activities, industrial production methods and the complexity of the industrial society has led to the situation that governments can no longer have the monopoly in safeguarding security on products and services and protection of the rights of the citizens.

Government can no longer have the ambition to accumulate all needed knowledge and budgets. To safeguard the positive impact, governments have to elaborate new collaboration models with different stakeholders and private partners. Controlled trust and respect instead of distrust should be the main driver in the relation between government, citizens and companies.

Our solutions: PPP and other collaboration models PPP (Public Private Partnership) is today established as a means for public service delivery. NEXT is involved in the organization and advisory of important PPP structures. In case of inspection activities, government has to create partnerships with loyal enterprises.

4. Be a role model in compliance

Not only citizens and companies, but also governments have to be compliant with all rules and regulations set out by the EU, national, regional and local political bodies. All administrations should comply with all stipulations in domains as tax, financial reporting, privacy regulations, specific administrative laws and regulations.

Our solutions: Statuary audit and compliance audit in tax, legal and administrative regulated domains NEXT has a multi-disciplinary team with deep expertise in complex statuary audits for large public and private organizations, hospitals and for non-profit organizations.

With our legal, tax and financial government experts NEXT can build a standardized approach in compliance testing and advisory in the all strategic domains with compliance issues; be it social and financial reporting, tax, privacy regulations, services directives and other administrative regulations and reporting needs (e.g for non-profit organizations).

5. Attention on good government governance

Reliability, transparency and accountability are key words for a government with visible impact in our very skeptical and media oriented society. Identification of clear objectives, development of transparent processes, adapted checks and balances, accountability and communication should be close at heart for all administrations.

Our solutions: Evaluation and advisory on governance and internal audit based on our global expertise, our team developed a multi-disciplinary methodology to scan the level of good governance of government bodies. Based on our best practice models we can elaborate adapted governance models, on the strategic level as well as on the operational level. NEXT has a team of expertise implementing internal audits within the public sector environment.

6. Integration of Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning

Relevant governments should manage in a professional way. A good and formalized view on the different risks and risk levels is important. These insights should steer the strategic planning and management cycles within the administrations. Also relevant government bodies should make a business continuity plan to stay in business in all circumstances.

Our solutions: Risk management and business continuity planning for many years NEXT plays a prominent role in the development of the concepts of risk management and business continuity planning. Our experience and expertise in private sector has played a big role in our success in public sector.

7. Building the public sector landscape of the future

To increase impact in society, to perform in an efficient way and to cope with the complexity of products and services, administrations are developing new concepts of open organization; new collaboration models between administrations of similar level, between administrations of different governance levels and/or between public and private organizations will have an impact on the organization’s design of the overall public sector. We refer to concepts as PPP, auto control systems, contracting with industries. We can refer as well to new functionalities in domains as CRM (e.g. web content masters) and Inspection (data mining activities overlapping different administrations aiming at more accurate risk approach. They all have to be positioned within the government structures.

Our solutions: Strategic organization design and shared services due to our in depth view of the public sector and based on good practice models in other countries, we can assist the governments in the strategic organization design of the public sector; the creation of shared services in domains as HR, Finance, Procurement. In domains as health care, home land security, financial industry we do have experience on how to organize the related government bodies and how to create added value communities integrating the related government bodies and external stakeholders.

8. Design of efficient processes

All administrations do have a continued need for optimizing the processes – adapting to the specific strategy, legal changes, innovation, new services and delivery models.

Our solution: BPM and process engineering NEXT has a long standing reputation in process engineering within all levels of government. We integrate our deep insights in all functional processes in public sector HR, ICT, Finance, CRM, Procurement, internal communication, inspections services. Our critical involvement in different engineering exercises gives us a good perspective on all process flows within the sector.

During the design of our processes we integrate our insights in legal aspects (eg privacy), best practices and risk management. We document the processes in adapted BPM tools – like Industry Print.

9. Manage the complexity

Any government launches relevant projects based on its new ideas from time to time. Within the concept of the networking government, these projects become more and more complex: more stakeholders, complex ICT solutions, more attention on internal and external communication.

Our solution: Project management NEXT Papua New Guinea had the opportunity to build an important experience in the management of complex projects for Government of PNG. We combine this knowledge with the experience NEXT has built in the management of large scale government programs in different countries.

10. Implement efficiency

An efficient government should look for standardized solutions in domains as finance, human resources, CRM and procurement, adapted to the specific public sector environment.

Our solution: ERP solutions NEXT Papua New Guinea is involved in the implementation of ERP systems for the public sector on different levels of administration. We are building further on the standardized solutions; integrating the latest technologies and our multi disciplinary competencies (risk management, tax and legal).

Our solution: accounting and administrative support NEXT our integrated service offering supports governments in running their administrative projects.