AutoTrak (Location Based Vehicle Tracking System)

AutoTrak (Location Based Vehicle Tracking System)

AutoTrak is an Location based tracking system developed for spatially enabled fleet management, which uses a dedicated tracking device and communicates with the server through GSM/GPRS/WIFI mode. It even connects with OBD ports and analyze various conditions of your vehicle and driver's ability is also monitored. Salient feature of AutoTrak are:

Fleet Management system

All data pertaining to client vehicles can be handled by Fleet management System, such as purchase, disposal, maintenance records as well as fuel mileage calculation

AutoCare is a fleet management system. The Fleet Maintenance module allows regulating and reserving vehicle resources by logging licensing, maintenance, repair, mileage, fuel consumption, oil service, identification, unit assignment, and average miles per gallon for vehicles. This information can be used to manage agency’s fleet expenditures. We can ensure the proper use of vehicles by recording vehicle specific data based on department specific usage.

With AutoCare it is easy to determine which vehicles are cost effective, what vehicle make and model has the best repair record, and how much each department is spending on vehicle maintenance. Department inventories and other reports can be easily created and reviewed with or without hardcopy.

AUTOTRAK - Vehicle Tracking System

AutoTrak is an integral part of the fleet management system which enables FMS with the on the ground data using GPS/GMS/GPRS technologies. It is a combination of both Hardware unit and Software application. The Hardware unit is going to fit in the vehicle and the software application is loaded in the computer to give the information about the vehicle.


Major Benefits to Clients:

  • Vehicles are used for official purpose only hence Reduced Miles driven
  • Increased Revenue per Mile due to safer driving and preventive maintenance
  • Reduced Harsh Breaking as the driver behavior reports will be linked to performance
  • Geo fence alerts to locate the Vehicles presence in certain province, city , hospital etc
  • Informed operational decisions based on actual data
    • Scheduling routing
    • vehicles/staff needed
    • Maintenance
    • Liability

AutoTrak can be used to gather information from any Asset which can interface with international information exchange like CAN,DICOM etc. This device can send the functional, technical and operational data from Medical equipment as well.