Technology – What can it do for you?

Technology plays an integral part in growing businesses and organizations of all sizes. The convergence of technology and communications is profoundly changing the way business is conducted. To face these uncertainties, companies must be nimble and have foresight. Investing in technology allows to deliver cutting edge applications, to evolve according to changing consumer demands, to market an aggressive brand perception and therefore enhance the productivity of your workforce right from the corporate to government organizations.

With a reliable, scalable and adaptable technology infrastructure in place, small companies have the tools to stay ahead of the competition and evolve their business. With the application technology based products and services, Government organizations would have their functions enhanced and improved for better internal organization or service to delivery to public. Regardless of the sector or the industry is operating in – whether it is retail, entertainment, or finance – it is crucial to stay receptive to changing demands from consumers, and from within the market, in order to ensure the continuity of businesses over the years to come. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Use technology to future-proof your business

Invest in technology that is cutting edge, but also one that can be upgraded and optimized five years down the line. Ensure you have an IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable and enables quick and better responses to changing customer needs.

Get wise about new technologies

Educate on the business benefits of new technology. Understand that technology impacts your business and this may give the edge over the competitors. There are resources and technology tailored to specific business needs. Consider the use of these as strategic investment potential..

Streamline technology spending

Some SMBs tend to shy away from spending money on technology in the beginning. But making smart technology choices right from inception will save you money and time down the line.

Consider virtualization

If your business is outgrowing its IT infrastructure and you are looking for a reliable replacement for old servers, virtualization might be the right option for your business. It enables scalability and faster introduction of new customer services and business applications, such as email system and file storage, with no downtime.

Think Cloud

If you have outgrown your existing IT solutions, some of your business applications could be good candidates for migration to the cloud. Questions you need to ask are: do cloud offerings map well to my business processes, or can I change my processes to map to cloud applications? Are my industry peers moving to the cloud and is it working for them? Similar business ROI questions will help you ensure in achieving a solution that is customized to fit your business needs.

Maintain and Build your brand equity with social media

Whether your business prides itself on rapid customer service or the ability to listen to consumers, social media can help your business grow by making sure you build on the qualities that helped draw in your consumer base in the first place – things which will continue to drive your success as a company.

Establish a voice

A company blog provides a great means of connecting with your readers and providing a unique voice that captures both your personal and business brand. Publish brief, dynamic blog posts for an effective way of keeping customers up-to-date with new developments.

Speak where you will be heard

Make sure you are using technology to deliver your messages to where you audience congregates online. If it is relevant for your target audience, Twitter provides a great way of getting your news out and connecting with a network of millions, but it also helps you grow your business by allowing you to understand what people are talking about, to search for your brand, resolve customer issues and stay receptive to the views and evolving demands of your target audience. Whichever channels you are using, be sure to strengthen your online presence by weaving these together.

Use devices that will boost productivity

Working with lightweight machines with reliable wireless connectivity means your staff can work effectively from multiple locations, giving them greater flexibility. Laptops, mobile devices and smart phones allow your employees to be highly productive by enabling them to work on-the-go.

Keep your employees happy

Workforce satisfaction and productivity affects the success of any business. Remote desktops, flexible working hours etc. can increase employee motivation and in turn drive the productivity and creativity that will stimulate further innovation and growth.

One size does not fit all

In an increasingly global, networked and competitive marketplace, small and medium business leaders should proactively investigate ways to optimize technology for their business and their customers. It is important to remember that while technology is undoubtedly a tool for business growth, what works for one company may not suit the next; so ensure you use technology that is tailored to your company’s particular needs. Look out for organizations holding technology events and free webinars for start-ups and take advantage of support networks and social media. Both provide a great way of tapping into a network of millions to exchange thoughts and queries, or to speak directly with entrepreneurs making similar decisions.