The Mission of the Center of Excellence for Oracle Practice at NEXT Inc, is to adopt, promote, and sustain the development and usage of the right standards, practices, technology, infrastructure, and knowledge in the field of ORACLE and thereby play a key role in the business process automation and transformation of our partners’ organization. The COE will work closely with the partners to create a highly agile IT organization, which in turn will help NEXT create new business opportunities to serve its customers better, and to collaborate well with its suppliers and partners.

Scope of Activities:

  • To provide guidance on technical standards and best practices, and ensure an architecture that suits the long-term needs of the organization.
  • Activities spanning the life cycle of services from envisioning to creation to retirement. Active involvement in selecting technology standards, evaluating and selecting tools, macro and micro design, development, testing, implementation, reuse, and security aspects.
  • To promote accelerated time to market for new business processes or services, thereby improving a return on investment.
  • The COE evaluates, selects, and mandates Oracle products, standards, and best practice architecture aligned with the functional and non-functional scope and needs of the organization.
  • The COE creates a reference model or architecture to help drive architecture decisions, promoting the long-term technology strategy and needs for our business partners.


Applying COE principles to a Project Life Cycle (PLC)


As an organization progresses in its Oracle adoption, it adopts infrastructure, products, and applications that promote the concepts described on this page. It creates graph and reuses a variety of business services encompassing the business operations of the organization. The COE assists the project team with respect to policies relating to creating and activating new services and retiring services that are no longer needed. A COE for Oracle plays the anchor role in addressing such issues.

Project Life Cycle

  • Concept: Gather requirements, model business processes, and perform assessment work.
  • Design: Discover or construct the necessary services, connect those services to the business process model, establish the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to monitor the process, and test the application.
  • Develop and Deploy: Integrate people, processes, and activities required to deploy the application into the production runtime environment.
  • Manage and Support: Collect and display application, process, and service-level metrics in various tools used by business and IT staff to ensure that the applications and processes are performing as expected. These same metrics can then be fed back into the model stage, enabling continuous improvement of applications and processes.

Services Offered on Oracle EcoSystem

Oracle COE at NEXT International Ltd, helps gather trust, visibility of endeavors, control and monitoring of investments. And it helps address the areas described in the picture.


Process and Standards

  • Strategy Formulation and Management.
  • Business case development.
  • Requirement Development.
  • Program Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Procurement.
  • Learning Management (Training).
  • Contract and Supplier Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Benefits Management.
  • Performance Management.
  • Sunset Plans and Execution.
  • Audit and Investigation.

Standards followed by Oracle COE

  • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).
  • Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • Application Implementation Methodology (AIM).
  • Project Life Cycle Management (PLC).
  • Oracle Coding Standards.
  • Black Box, Top-Down and Bottoms-up Testing.
  • Code promotion Strategy.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI).