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Transform Cloud BRP - Increase efficiency & dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of a Business Resource Planning. TransForm is a modern, highly adaptable, enterprise - class Business Resource Planning (BRP) solution available on both public and private cloud.

Using TransForm means benefiting from a fully integrated ERP system, broad and deep functionality, without any huge capital costs. There is no infrastructure cost and eventuates the possibility to pay only what you use, reduces dramatically your total cost of ownership.

Specially designed for different verticals like Government, non-governmental, corporate, professional services, distribution, construction, telecommunications, discrete manufacturing, manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods makes TransForm a software solution much easier to be implemented.

TransForm - An Accessible and Efficient Business Management Solution

TransForm provides a rich and fully integrated BRP functionality, easy-to-use, thus ensuring business performance management. TransForm enables management of companies with 50 employees, as well as those with 500,000 employees.

For start-ups

TransForm Cloud BRP is a structured solution that evolves along with business growth. If until now such a complex integrated application was addressed more to medium and large companies, due to the possibility to use the application on Amazon Cloud (a virtual environment for business applications) or NEXT EXOS platform, any company size can benefit from advanced technology and flexible management solution at a fraction of cost.

For medium size companies

TransForm Cloud BRP is a complex solution, scalable and flexible that allows managers to focus on their business, on the development at local or international levels.

For large companies

TransForm is based on an innovative technology and architecture that allows easy customization of the software, process modeling and integration with decision analysis tools, for quick management decisions.

TransForm - A Global Ready Application

TransForm is an application addressed both to Romanian and international companies, ready for the global economy. You will experience the benefits of global-ready design immediately through lower implementation costs. Over time, and as your business grows in many different directions, the globalready capabilities enables significantly more functionality with reduced maintenance costs. TransForm includes support for:


Ensures that different organizational entities can share (or secure) data. TransForm supports the independent business processes and security requirements of each subsidiary, while enabling consolidated views of the business by executive management.


TransForm transparently supports transactions across multiple currencies: transact in other accounting currencies; revalue transactions, maintain bank accounts in other accounting currencies; accurately reports multi-currency transactions, including translation of transactions or balances for reporting purposes; ability to account transactions in parallel using different currencies.


TransForm supports parallel accounting standards for any combination of the following: accrual and cashbased accounting; different accounting standards; different inventory costing methods; different currencies.


TransForm supports Sales Tax and Value Added Tax, including multiple taxes: transaction time, product category, ship from/to location and invoice from/to location.


TransForm is fully internationalized and supports operation in multi-lingual environments. TransForm multi-language support spans system elements such as screens, reports, messages and even transactions.


If the business operates in a single region, with a single set of books and a single language, all of these features are invisible.

TransForm - platform and cloud independent

TransForm is based on Exos Cloud Platform (an open source ERP / CRM solution), which was rearchitected for the cloud deployment and enriched with a lot of new functionality. Today, TransForm is platform independent, and can run on different operating systems and application servers and is cloud independent, which means that it can be deployed in different public or private clouds.