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Cores & Platforms - MOVEO

NEXT Moveo


NEXT Moveo comprehensive solution assures futuristic and next-generation enterprise mobility management. NEXT's secure mobile development platform, to our collaboration suite, to our ecosystem of partner applications, NEXT has every aspect of secure mobility covered for Apple IOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry .

Enterprise Mobility Management

Reduce costs and simplify management by centrally controlling the complete mobile device and app lifecycle. NEXT Moveo's Enterprise Mobility Management solutions allow enterprises to holistically manage diverse mobility needs and embrace the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) trend without compromising security.

BYOD — Bring Your Own Device

Maximize employee productivity while ensuring security and compliance. Bring your own device with total confidence that your confidential data and apps are secure. Moveo's unique "containerization" places a safe partition between personal and business data for solid information integrity that protects email and other programs.

Mobile Collaboration


Employees can be more productive with secure mobile collaboration. The Moveo Collaboration Suite provides an intuitive user experience with separation of business and personal tasks on the same device, delivering the core productivity apps that users demand — all built on the Moveo Secure Mobility Platform, so your corporate data is protected.

Mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Strengthen mobile device security and data protection with authentication. Moveo extends IAM capabilities via its Moveo Trust services to mobile devices and mobile apps. The IAM capabilities can include strong two-factor authentication, access control, single sign-on, identity federation, and ondemand policy deployment and enforcement.

Mobile Content Management

To increase user productivity on-the-go, Moveo secured apps offer the most comprehensive and secure document handling across nearly any workflow imaginable. This functionality combines security with flexibility, enabling employees to easily access, edit, save, share, and send documents without putting corporate data at risk.