Cores & Platforms - GEO


Cores & Platforms - GEO

NEXTGeo’s Spatial Solution

NEXTGeo is an Enterprise implementation typically includes a mix of software technology and data sources carefully selected to satisfy your specific operational business needs. Thus, NEXTGeo’s Spatial Solution will facilitate to Discover, Use, Make, and Share Spatial Information from Any Device, Anywhere, at Any Time. NEXTGeo’s Spatial Solution will empower your business, with timely, accurate information and a means of collaboration.

NEXTGeo as a Spatial Infrastructure


NEXTGeo is an empowering platform with convenient, open access to high quality and up-to-date geographic information and spatially enabled Map services. NEXTGeo is a framework of geographic data, metadata, users and tools that are interactively connected in order to use spatial data in an efficient and flexible way.

NEXTGeo will facilitate the development of a dynamic and flexible geospatial environment in:

  • National Survey Agencies for optimized, efficient and real-time data capturing
  • Land Information System for cadastre administration, taxation etc
  • Agriculture & Forest Monitoring and mapping
  • Utility & Facilities Management for providing effective services to the citizen
  • Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Transport & Traffic Management
  • Urban Planning and Engineering

Components of NEXTGeo

NEXTGeo includes an integrated mix of software and hardware infrastructure to satisfy your full range of GIS requirements. All of the components are designed as a system to work together within an integrated enterprise GIS environment. The NEXTGeo is the overall platform, and the components of this platform work together to satisfy a variety of GIS specific business needs.

NEXTGeo Spatial Database

Spatial Database are the storage systems containing all of the Spatial data that is necessary for a finalized and fully functional GIS map to display all of the data layers that were included in its design. The prime focus of NEXTGeo Spatial Database is to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain, and preserve spatial data.

The three approaches to deal with spatial data

  • Spatial Data Source – Custodians of the spatial data.
  • Spatial Data Management Tool – Database Tools for handing the spatial data or Desktop GIS
  • Spatial Data Exchange Place – ETL Services

NEXTGeo Server

The NEXTGeo Server is the core server used for creating and managing GIS Web services, applications, and data. The NEXTGeo Server can be either deployed on-premises within your organization’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) or off-premises in our NEXT EXOS’s cloud computing environment.

It creates a secured environment to publish the spatial data to the external world. The NEXTGeo Server will focus on providing XaaS(Everything As a Service) to their user.

NEXTGeo Services

The NEXTGeo Service will be a standard protocol for serving geo-referenced map images over the Internet that are published by the NEXTGeo server using spatial data from a GIS database

The NEXTGeo Services will cater four types of services:

  • View service (Spatial Data Viewer) - To display, query, and analyze spatial data (Web browser or a Desktop GIS)
  • Search/Catalogue service - for the discovery, browsing, and querying of metadata or spatial services, spatial datasets etc
  • Transformation/Processing service - such as datum and projection transformations
  • Download service (ETL & DaaS) - allowing the delivery of the spatial data via the Internet

NEXTGeo Applications & Projects

NEXTGeo will closely evaluate your business needs and develop Application to suit your businesses. NEXTGeo Apps / Projects ranges includes

  • Application Development on Desktop, Web or Mobile Platform
  • GIS & Remote sensing based Services & Solutions
  • Spatial Data Management - Data Capturing, Digitization, Geo-referencing
  • GIS Based Survey - Ground Truth, GPS Survey