Cores & Platforms - FORTE


Forte is most advanced endpoint threat protection solution available in market today. Forte agents prevent, detect and proactively respond to cyber threats in real time by continuously monitoring the activities of endpoints and servers.

Instantaneous status on Every Endpoint and server :

Forte agents provide continuous and instantaneous visibility to administrators about all the processes running in the environment , example, files that are created, files updated, registry changes etc. Forte detects and provides intelligence on files which are malicious. Administrators can take immediate action based on this rating and intelligence.

Advanced Threat Prevention:

Administrators can stop attacks even before they occur using Forte security platform. With preventive approach, Forte radically reduces the number of attacks that surface on organizations. Forte brings right balance between protection and access.

Smart Detection:

Through built-in Advanced Threat Indicators, Forte continuously monitors and identifies potential patterns of compromise to quickly detect malicious activity at the point of compromise, the endpoint. The Forte Security Platform includes powerful automated and cloud-delivered advanced threat detection technologies to quickly identify and stop attacks.

Swift Response with Full Kill Chain Analysis:

Forte provides tools to take Swift action once the attack is detected. Forte provide complete assessment on the attack and how it spread across the organization With this intelligence administrators will terminate the active processes and protect the environment from similar attacks in future.

Partner friendly

Forte provides APIs to integrate with partner ecosystem seamlessly. This enables automation and reporting and deliver faster security responses times. APIs enable integration with with third-party security products (SIEM, network, endpoint, operations) or custom in-house tools.