Security Assessment: How Secure Is Your Business?

by Gifty Narkani / 17 Sep 2019/ Comments(0)
Security Assessment: How Secure Is Your Business?

We live in a digital world where everything is connected. Fast-paced technology and digital devices are making our lives better. Workplace technology is constantly evolving to keep business agile. When it comes to information security, being responsible for your business security could be scary. Every business is at the brink of cyber threads and its high time to take actions to protect your security. To get started, a security assessment is generally the first move.

A periodic security assessment is imperative

Every business has the idea and provisions to strengthen their security data and systems. However, attackers find new ways to penetrate the organization assets. Many organizations cybersecurity systems are secure and reactive to a hack or data breach. Despite being secured with a sophisticated security system; businesses are still vulnerable to attacks. This is why organizations need a regular security assessment to enhance and improve their cybersecurity. The assessment involves analyzing the technology used in the organization, looking for loopholes, and framing strategies to protect the organization's cybersecurity.

Why does your business need a security assessment?

There is no single technology that would guarantee your business security perpetuity. Protecting sensitive data is a multifaceted problem and there is always a risk that your data will be compromised sooner or later. However, the benefits of a security assessment for a company is plenty.

Overarching security

The incredible advantage of security assessment is that it bolsters your organization's security. This will allow you to know whether your security has already been compromised and to invest in the latest security technological updates. Ransomwares and virus attacks can completely cripple down your business and collapsing your IT infrastructure. A regular check can prevent theses disasters and increases the awareness of security issues throughout the company.

Locates gaps in the security posture

Security is one of the security assessment element which reviews the overall security level of the organization. It is a non-invasive and low impact security review. Here a security expert reviews the policies to assess the current level of security of the organization. Therefore, the security gaps are identified and discussed with the security expert. The overall security state of the organization is reviewed and preventive measures are taken to keep security threats at bay.

Increases cybersecurity awareness

The greatest benefit of running a security audit is that people in your organization start pondering and talking about cybersecurity. During this audit, the company's security policies are evaluated. Here the human cybersecurity threats are examined and special training programs are provided to patch the employees to reduce human errors. A SETA (Security Education, Training, and Awareness) program is initiated to increase cybersecurity awareness and to curb mistakes that lead to data compromise.

NEXT Security Assessment as a Service (SAAAS)

Cybersecurity attacks can be prevented by performing a security assessment. NEXT provides Security Assessment as a Service (SAAAS) application to check the vulnerabilities. It analyzes the vulnerabilities present in the websites, code, and mobile applications. To protect your website from the vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, fingerprinting, information leakage, brute force, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, URL redirector abuse, OS Commanding, XML External entities, and path traversal etc., advanced website vulnerability module has been developed by NEXT.


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