Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Essential Ingredients for an Intuitive Enterprise Mobile App

by Gifty Narkani / 06 Aug 2019/ Comments(0)
Next Inc - Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Essential Ingredients for an Intuitive Enterprise Mobile App

Increased internet penetration has given rise to mobile devices that greatly impact the consumer sphere. Mobile is considered as the profit driver for the enterprise world. Statistics show that the number of internet users is leading when compared to desktop users. This shows mounting evidence on the significance of mobile devices. Enterprise mobility has become a core strategy for businesses.

Mobility in the industry is no longer a discussion, companies started harnessing the ease of their employees working from anywhere and any device.It’s high time for the enterprise to leverage the mobility setup and adopt new technologies. This concept revolves around choosing the right operating system (OS) and platform technologies that enable building, deploying and securing the applications while also reducing risk.

The challenges with Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility improves organizational processes, employee performance, customer experience and many aspects of the digital business. However, enterprise mobility has its own drawbacks and innate challenges. Functional leaders have to work on these pain points to accomplish the business goal and create a positive working environment for the workforce.

  •  Different applications do not have consistent security models.
  •  Maintenance and upgrading of the applications are expensive.
  •  Employing solutions and infrastructure that are scalable and flexible.
  •  Technical support for the entire mobile workforce.
  •  End users are not using the right hardware that would impact the application functionality.
  •  Fixing problems and upgrading requires the entire device to be upgraded.
  •  Security has always been a concern. Enterprises stumble on finding solutions to secure the apps and data.

This article outlines the five things that every enterprise should have while developing an app that could combat the above said pain points.

5 Things Every Enterprise Mobile App Must Have

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    Offline Apps

    It is imperative for the mobile app to work on offline mode which is resilient to different network scenarios. Mobility dissipates its worth if the app doesn't work offline. When it comes to employees not all of them have their devices connected to data service. Hence having an app that works offline improves user experience and loading time of the apps. No connection problems occur with offline apps, which increases the consistency and performance of the application. The best part is offline apps can be used instantly and there is higher security as the data are stored locally on the user's device.

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    Automation and integration of processes

    Automation is a must for enterprise mobility solutions. With enhanced automation and integration, the enterprise can streamline their operations with a minimal human intervention which saves lots of time and cost. Process automation capabilities is a must to be incorporated while developing an enterprise mobility app. Moreover, the apps should have features to integrate with useful tools. Customizable tools help the user to integrate with third-party tools to enhance operations within all the facets of the business.

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    Security should be a major priority. There are numerous negative reports related to hacking and information breach. “As per Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests.” Security gaps in enterprise mobile apps will help hackers leak sensitive information. Therefore having company data on the phone should be secured enough for the users to use without the fear of loss of data. Multi-level security should be implemented along with the centrally moderated infrastructure specially built for the enterprise mobility solution. By developing a secured enterprise mobility infrastructure, better apps can be built to enhance business prospects without compromising on data security.

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    Cloud Storage

    Cloud technology has been becoming more popular these days. Enterprises are heavily investing in cloud storage solutions. Businesses have started spending a lot on cloud services than that of IT procurements. A sound enterprise mobility app must incorporate cloud storage to boost and enhance the security of their infrastructure. Cloud storage will help during a negative event by retrieving the backups which is referred to as Disaster Recovery (DR). Cloud storage doesn't require a huge investment thus maintaining affordability and cost savings for the enterprise. An enterprise mobility app should be built keeping cloud storage capabilities.

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    Real-Time Connectivity and Analytics

    Every enterprise app must possess cognitive analytical capabilities. This provides better insights into the business processes. Real-time analysis of data helps the leaders to make an informed decision for the growth of the organization. An app with real-time connectivity captures relevant data round the clock through seamless connectivity. By real-time data capturing and analysis, the app can provide valuable insights for the business to improve current processes through data analysis.

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