Intelligent Digital Government Transformation

by Gifty Narkani / 24 July 2019/ Comments(0)
Next Inc - Intelligent Digital Government Transformation

The digital transformation of governments is on the rise all over the world on all levels- national, regional, local, and supra-national. The public sector landscape is rapidly evolving. This change is driven by the evolution of technology and incapable operation models. Governments face the greatest challenge to harness the disruptive force of technology to shape their destiny. This comes while addressing the growing expectations of citizens, workforce productivity challenges, and to match the new speed of business empowered by digital technology.

Public sector organizations are embarking on digital transformation journeys to create huge opportunities. But digital transformation is not just about technology. This new digital era is shaping the entire organizational strategies. 41% of public sector organizations feel they will be moderately or significantly disrupted in the next 2 years. Disruption can be driven by many factors including core business challenges such as policy and political changes, reducing budgets and the ever‑increasing demands and expectations of citizens. So how governments will thrive this digital disruption? This needs a profound understanding on the concept of digital transformation. This transmutation is called "Intelligent Digital Transformation".

Digital Government transformation is strategic

The governments must evolve to meet citizens rapidly growing digital expectations. Everyone is mobile, everyone is social and devices are increasingly connected. Yet many people still feel disconnected from the government organizations. Compared to the customer experiences delivered by private sectors, the public sector is often behind the curve. Public sector organizations need to reinvent their existing business models and embrace a new strategy that connects people, data and processes to engage citizens, empower employees, optimize operations and transform services. Therefore intelligent government transformation depends upon the availability of suitable platforms and tools to deliver organizational efficiency, while increasing workforce collaboration, productivity, and security.

Transform the public perception of Government

Many departments have started to transform how they deliver services. This has improved citizen’s perception of a significant number of services. In a few cases, it has not changed the way government organizations operate. Intelligent transformation requires to change the entire public perception. How can be this achieved?

  •  By transforming whole citizen-facing services and continue to improve the experience for citizens, businesses, and users within the public sector.
  •  Full department transformation - Impacting the organizations to deliver policy objectives flexibly thus improving citizen service across multiple-channels effectively.
  •  Internal government transformation- This may not directly change policy outcomes but which is vital if the government is to collaborate better and deliver digitally-enabled change more effectively.

Make better use of data

Data is a crucial resource for facilitating effective government and public services that respond to citizen’s needs. Data is the foundation for an intelligent transformation. The governments must earn and retain the trust of citizens. This provides the citizens an assurance that personal and sensitive data is safe and secure within the appropriate governance frameworks. Setting up a new department that would take care of data management across the government sectors. Better use of data will drive positive transformation and the way that the government’s major repositories of data are stored and managed.

The NEXT advantage for Governments

NEXT Inc is ideally positioned to help you improve services and deliver better citizen and stakeholder experiences while reducing costs. Our Digital Government Solutions provides digital enterprise and infrastructure solutions for a culture of open, digitally-enabled, policy-making and service delivery. We help governments with intelligent digital transformation initiatives and has successfully mitigated challenges presented by the new and ever-connected digital world. We re-energize business processes, focus on the most appropriate KPIs and help jumpstart a meaningful digital transformation!


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