Five Traits of an Intuitive Digital Enterprise

by Gifty Narkani / 11 July 2019/ Comments(0)
Next Inc - Five Traits of an Intuitive Digital Enterprise

Digital is redefining all aspects of life. Businesses across the world are experiencing immense digital changes. Entire business models and process are reinvented by digital technologies. To transform into a digital enterprise requires more than new skills and technology. Digital has the potential to unlock $100 trillion for business through digital transformation. By becoming digital, an enterprise can improve costs and agility to stay ahead of the curve.

A Digital enterprise is smart, connected and efficient with collaborative digital technologies. To compete in the era of smart, connected, efficient business, organizations must become dynamic and collaborative digital technologies focused on and organized around customer outcomes. A digital enterprise should be built on the latest technology enabling digital transformation. The CEO's and functional leaders must be forward-thinking and open to new change & ideas. Eventually adopting new technologies makes change possible that drive new or reinvented business models. This article will outline the traits of an intuitive digital enterprise that creates value and disruption.

A digital enterprise is Ubiquitous

An enterprise is said to be ubiquitous when customer service, IT, collaboration, processes, employees, channels, customer value, sales, and marketing- everything is connected. Ubiquitous everything everywhere is interconnected and optimized across the ecosystem. A ubiquitous enterprise enhances business value by increasing customer value across all touchpoints. It corresponds with the very essence of business for a holistic digital transformation. This intuitive enterprise goes beyond silos and connects all the dotes that are needed to achieve the business goals.

A digital enterprise is On-demand

On-demand computing is an essential need for every business. It is a delivery model, where computing resources are made available as and when needed. Cloud computing has paved the way for an on-demand enterprise. On-demand computing is reshaping the IT infrastructure. A digital enterprise is on-demand with organized IT resources which maximizes cost-efficiency and performance. Docker containers have become extremely popular over the years and help organizations meet their on-demand services. NEXT EXOS Docker let you build, ship and run distributed applications anywhere. Hence a digital enterprise adopts and leverages new technologies to be scalable and agile.

A digital enterprise is Real-time

A digital enterprise provides real-time information and real-time solutions. This helps decision-makers to make informed decisions based on the real-time data's. Hence the delivery and processes are improved based on the data and analytics.

A digital enterprise is Collaborative

A digital enterprise is collaborative and connected. It is dynamic and flexible with connected platforms, analytic insights, and new business models while putting the customer at the center of whatever it does. Collaboration allows workers to share data and workflow in real-time, resolve business predicaments and enhance productivity. This creates a digital workspace allowing the enterprise and customers to connect from anywhere. Collaboration and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. Here the collaborative workspace acts as a catalyst for digital transformation and automates the entire business process.

A digital enterprise is ready for Change

As technologies change drastically, the enterprise should embrace these changes and consistently update their business models. Disruption happens only if a business is ready for change. A digital enterprise functional leaders have innovative thinking and knowledge for emerging technologies. A digital enterprise is a future-proof and future-ready organization that leverages the benefits of technology to achieve operational excellence through the enhanced ecosystem conditioned through technology.

NEXT Inc -The enterprise of the future

Digital will drive real business value and NEXT Inc embraces digital in everything it does. We are a digital enterprise that improves cost, increases margin, and seizes new growth opportunities. Innovation must happen faster than ever in the digital era. Our focus is to leverage this innovation using digital technologies and to emerge as a leading-edge digital enterprise for a faster digital transformation.


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